Flights of Fancy: Granada

It was promised... now welcome to the first entry in my travel log! I've wanted to go to Granada for so long, but this year I finally took the plunge and bought the plane tickets. I've been fascinated with it ever since I read Jane Johnson's Court of Lions: a gorgeous city with exotic history, that also happens to …

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Joining a blogging family: The Write Reads

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to put in this post, because it's all about a subject (and a blogger, and a group of people) that are very close to my heart. When I started out as a blogger, I didn't actually get Twitter for a good few months after starting because …

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Review: Nightchaser, by Amanda Bouchet

If you mix up an exciting, edge-of-your-seat sci-fi heist adventure with a steamy romance, what do you get? … a lot of mixed messages. Though Nightchaser had its high points, I never really felt like it lived up to its true potential. I don't mind a bit of high-stakes romance, but when it tangles up with the …

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