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Blogging problems 101: negative reviews

Here's one problem that's really gotten under my grille since I started the wonderful business of speed-reading and posting my book-related thoughts online: the problem of what to do when you read a book you don't like. What's to do? Though I (like most of you, I imagine) will choose to read books that I… Continue reading Blogging problems 101: negative reviews

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Review: The Lido, by Libby Page

This was a sweet, tender gem of a novel- and for a debut, remarkably self-assured. With deftly-drawn strokes, Libby Page builds a world that's populated with a painfully real cast of characters, all of whom you care about. The focus of this story is Brockwell Lido, situated in the heart of Brixton since the 1930s… Continue reading Review: The Lido, by Libby Page


Guest Blog: An Interview with Rose Servitova

Regency writer extraordinaire Rose Servitova is no stranger to the world of Jane Austen. With her debut novel reimagining the inner lives two of Pride and Prejudices' funniest characters, she's going even further into the world of Regency England by completing Jane Austen's unfinished novel, The Watsons. Curious to know what inspired her? I definitely was-… Continue reading Guest Blog: An Interview with Rose Servitova

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Review: Circe, by Madeline Miller

Where to start with Circe? I loved it. Miller is a gifted author, and her words practically sing from the page here, imbuing a thousand-year old story about a traditional antagonist into a rich, nuanced tale about a story woman who defies practically everybody and chooses to live life as she wants. So, I was a fan. Circe, of… Continue reading Review: Circe, by Madeline Miller