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Looking forward to YALC!

I've never been a big one for literary conventions: they're big and scary and full of people. But at the same time, there's been so much buzz for YALC that I can't help but get a little bit excited. What is it? It takes place each year at the London Film and Comic Con, and… Continue reading Looking forward to YALC!

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Blogging problems 101: negative reviews

Here's one problem that's really gotten under my grille since I started the wonderful business of speed-reading and posting my book-related thoughts online: the problem of what to do when you read a book you don't like. What's to do? Though I (like most of you, I imagine) will choose to read books that I… Continue reading Blogging problems 101: negative reviews

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An Interview: 29 Seconds, by T.M Logan

Why did you decide to become a writer? I’ve loved to write for as long as I can remember. That instinct took me into journalism, and then into a communications role, but it wasn’t until I hit my mid-thirties that I started taking fiction writing seriously. It took me the best part of ten years… Continue reading An Interview: 29 Seconds, by T.M Logan


Review: The Heart’s Invisible Furies, by John Boyne

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened this book: an exploration of what it means to be an orphan, perhaps? What it was like growing up in Ireland in the fifties? An exploration of masculinity? John Boyne serves up all that and more to create a book that’s by turns gripping, heart wrenching… Continue reading Review: The Heart’s Invisible Furies, by John Boyne

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Review: The New Dark, by Lorraine Thompson

I love fantasy, and on the whole, I love sci-fi as well, so this YA book should have been a winning cocktail, angst and all. In the end, though, despite some interesting comments on mutants and society, I wasn’t completely hooked. Similarly to Michelle Kenney's great Book of Fire, a post-apocalyptic novel about people living… Continue reading Review: The New Dark, by Lorraine Thompson