Moving house… with books

Or, time for a life update Hello lovely readers! Before we get cracking, I want to apologise for my half-hearted blogging over the past few weeks. I don't think I ever properly got over my holiday, and finding the motivation to post has been worryingly difficult. Onwards and upwards, hopefully! Plus, this week I moved …

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Goodreads Monday- 20th May

Hello all and welcome to a brand new tag (for me, anyhow): Goodreads Monday. The premise is simple! All you have to do is show off a book from your TBR that you're looking forward to reading. The tag itself is hosted by the lovely Lauren from Lauren's Page Turners, so do go and give her …

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Blog Tour: Reader, I Married Me! by Sophie Tanner

Settle down, ladies and gentlemen, for a story about happily ever afters. And that's what this is- in a sense. But it's the best kind of happily ever after: the knowledge that you can be just as happy and fulfilled without a significant other as with one. This is the story of Chloe, a woman …

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