Stop Number Three: Goldsboro Books

A short walk from Charing Cross Road likes Goldsboro Books, a lovely little bookshop which is set in a street that reeks of literary history. Nicknamed ‘Bookshop Alley’, Cecil Court is famous for the many bookshops that line it- to the point where J.K Rowling took it as inspiration for Diagon Alley.

Goldsboro Books is my favourite, though. Founded in 1999 by David Headley and Daniel Gedeon, the bookshop has since expanded to three shops, and specialises in selling first edition signed copies of books. It’s a book nerd’s dream: inside you can find signed copies of Harry Potter, first editions of classics like the James Bond Books and Gone With The Wind, and the latest literary releases, from David Baldacci to Lee Child. Authors often come in to sign books, so if you’re lucky you may catch your favourite writer inside when you go and visit.

The shop itself is absolutely beautiful: it’s every booklover’s dream of what one should look like, with twisting staircases, polished wooden floorboards and tall bookcases stocked with the latest and greatest in literary fiction. Though it’s predominantly famous for crime fiction, there’s plenty to get stuck into, and the shop itself has featured in several films and TV series.

There’s a lot going on at Goldsboro Books: the shop regularly hosts literary events, hosting a who’s who of crime, fantasy and history writers, as well as a melee of people in publishing, and it also hosts a subsidiary, D.H.H Literary Agency, downstairs. Pop in and see it if you’ve got time; you won’t regret it.

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