Review: Nightchaser, by Amanda Bouchet

If you mix up an exciting, edge-of-your-seat sci-fi heist adventure with a steamy romance, what do you get? … a lot of mixed messages. Though Nightchaser had its high points, I never really felt like it lived up to its true potential. I don't mind a bit of high-stakes romance, but when it tangles up with the …

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Review: Do You Dream of Terra-Two?, by Temi Oh

Space. The final frontier? Joking aside, it basically is for the heroes of Temi Oh's new book, Do You Dream of Terra-Two?, which follows the journey of six young would-be astronauts as they look to the skies and look to set off on a 23-year journey to Terra Two, Earth's distant twin, and hopefully the future …

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Blog Tour: Skyward, by Brandon Sanderson

Excellent cover notwithstanding, this is a pretty exceptional book. Not that I was expecting anything less from the master of sci fi, Brandon Sanderson. Skyward is just a fantastic example of how to do young adult writing, and science fiction, right. It's exciting, it's jam-packed with great characters and attitude bursts off the pages like an accelerating fighter …

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