The Great Post Query (and a secret life update)

I’m back, folks!

First things first, let’s kick off this post with an apology. I’ve not posted on here for a while, because things have been pretty crazy: here, there, everywhere, interviews and holidays and generally running around like a headless chicken trying to set my life in order.

So here is my life update.

  1. I still have too many books to read on Netgalley. (20 at the last count. Don’t you worry, a Netgalley quest update post is coming soon too)
  2. I have some holiday photos to kick off my new section, Flights of Fiction. Hooray! Bet you thought it was never gonna happen? Me too. But I have some very nice pictures of books in scenic locations to share with you all just as soon as I can download them from my phone.
  3. I have just finished reading The Sound of the Hours and also Gods of Jade and Shadow and I am in LOVE with both of them. One of them made me cry on the tube. I’ll leave you to guess which.
  4. My plants didn’t die when I was on holiday. This might not sound like a big deal but they are definitely my substitute pets so I am OVER THE MOON.
  5. I am now trying to post more regularly!

The last point had me thinking a little bit. When you go on holiday- or when you know you’re going to be super busy- what’s your game plan?

Myself, I’m a seat-of-my-pantser. I tend to scribble down posts on the day that I’m scheduled to post something, and trust to whichever Muses are up there that what I write is semi-decent. This is not a good idea when it comes to holidays, because it means that I rarely have anything planned and-

a) either have to write about ten posts in a day, which I rarely do, or

b) go dark. For about a week or two.

I’m not super fussed about going dark, because I’m trying to take a step back from my blog, and not let it stress me out too much. But I do wonder: what do you guys do? Do you plan, or do you just let the chips fall as they will? How do you plan for holidays when you blog?

It’s an idle thought, but I’d be super interested to hear what you have to say.

Leave your comments below and let me nosily browse through them!


4 thoughts on “The Great Post Query (and a secret life update)

  1. Charlotte

    When I was still in classes at university, I used to plan ahead. But then my assignments got crazy heavy and I just had to prioritise schoolwork. Unfortunately, I still haven’t properly got back into because I don’t have a routine. I think a routine is key for blogging/writing. Even my thesis is struggling… Hope you had a nice holiday! Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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