Blog tour: In Your Silence, by Grace Lowrie

As somebody who’s just come back from holiday, I can firmly say that In Your Silence was the perfect summer beach read: swooningly romantic, light and easy to read.

The second book in the Wildham series (I also happened to review the second, Before We Fall, earlier this year), In Your Silence has all the right ingredients for a good romance: a shy heroine, a rather tortured hero, and a good deal of passionate angst.

The heroine and hero in question are Liam and Melody. Liam is getting over a breakup, and he thinks that the perfect way to do so is by throwing himself into his new commission: restoring the garden of a neglected mansion (Wildham!). Living there is Melody, the mute daughter of Gregory Sinclair, the owner.

Needless to say, these two slowly fall for each other. Lowrie handles it well: you get a real sense of their mutual fascination for each other, conducted at first through glances out of windows, and Liam’s patience with Melody as their relationship develops is lovely to see.

Romance isn’t all, though; Lowrie also invests the story with more than its fair share of mystery. Who is Melody, really? Why is her father so overprotective? Who’s keeping what hidden? It definitely kept me turning the pages- and more than a few unexpected twists had me gasping in shock as I went.

Melody is the key to unravelling these mysteries: she’s used to being different, especially as Gregory has kept her under lock and key for almost the entire time that she’s been alive. As a result- and thanks to her mutism- she’s shy, and watching her grow in confidence through her (undoubtedly fiery) relationship with Liam is really nice to see: there’s a good deal of tenderness to balance out the erotic parts in the story, and by the end, you’re fully invested in them as a couple.

Sweet, steamy and most definitely romantic, In Your Silence is definitely an indulgent read for the summer!

So that’s my review, but what did everybody else think? Why not check out the blog tour on Twitter and Facebook!

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