Introducing… Flights of Fancy

Hello bookworms!

I’ve been having a little think recently. I’ve been lucky enough to go on a lot of holidays this year, and you know, what are holidays good for apart from getting a LOT of reading done?

I thought I’d do something with that, so welcome, welcome to my newest blog page, Flights of Fancy!

This is going to be my book-themed travel part of the blog. I’ll be posting pictures of recent travel destinations, finding all the cute bookshops and giving you the overview of wherever I happen to go (timings and internet access permitting).

I’m super excited to try this out- who knows, it might be the start of my long-awaited Instagram page- and hear what you guys think of it. First stop on the list is going to be France, but watch this space because I’ll be heading out across Europe in the next few months with my trusty book collection in tow!

See you soon for some travel updates… (and in the meantime, why not check out my semi-related post on the trials of moving house as a booklover?)

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