The Mid-Year Freakout Tag!

It’s already June. What?! How does the time fly so quickly?

This can only mean it’s time for a Mid-Year Freakout tag, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into/ racking my brains for this one. Prepare yourself and let’s head back in time six months to a miserable British January…

The best book you’ve read this year

It’s a hard one. Holy Sister is pretty far up there, because Mark Lawrence is a genius and the story brought a tiny tear to my eye. Let’s go with that.

The best sequel you’ve read this year

Barring Mark Lawrence, I’m currently reading (and really enjoying) Wicked by Design, which is the follow up to False Lightsthe book I RAVED about last year. Not even joking. It’s great. Go read it. The sequel is definitely more of the same, with strong heroines, dashing heroes and a fair dollop of adventure. Looking forward to finishing it, that’s for sure!

New releases you haven’t read yet but want to

Where to begin? I’d love to read My Sister the Serial Killer, which won the Women’s Fiction Prize last month, and also We Hunt the Flame (is that out yet?). Plus, Crowfall, the third installment in the Raven’s Mark trilogy. Also Sally Rooney’s Normal People. All of these and about ten more.

Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of the Year 

Jade War, for a start. Fonda Lee is a genius and I’m super keen to see what she’s done with the characters from the magnificent Jade City. Girls of Storm and Shadow deserves a mention, and Stephen Chbosky’s Imaginary Friend, because I love, love, loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Biggest Disappointment

Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse series. I bought the first two books earlier this year because everybody was raving about it, and… honestly? Not my thing. The books just seem a little bit too cliché and repetitive for me. Plus, I hate the Darkling with a very deep passion. I was fully expecting to love it, but never quite managed it. Ah well.

Biggest Surprise

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal. I picked it up not expecting anything much, and it blew me away. It’s smart and interesting and wonderfully written, and in between all of that it asks really relevant questions about what it means to be a woman, and the dangers of the male gaze.

Favourite New to You or Debut Author

I’m going to say VE Schwab. I don’t think I’d read any of her work before the start of this year, and so far I’ve binge-read Vicious, This Savage Song and A Darker Shade of Magic. All of them are wonderful. I’m in love. However, Zen Cho comes a very, very close second.

Newest Fictional Crush

Leon from Beth Leary’s The Flatshare. That book is just such a treat to read, and the romance between Tiffy and Leon is gorgeous. However, it also means that I now have a slight crush on a fictional character.

Newest Favourite Character

I’m going to say Camille from Enchantée. She’s strong and resourceful and not afraid to do whatever it takes to make sure her family succeeds. A bit like Lila Bard, who comes a very close second.

Books That Made You Cry

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It’s a wonderful book, but also completely heartbreaking. 10/10 recommend: it makes you cry in the best way.

Books That Made You Happy

I think The True Queen by Zen Cho, as well as The Flatshare. Romance books are the best because things generally end happily ever after, and The True Queen was such a fantastic read. It’s quirky and unique and playful, and by the time I’d finished it I wanted to start it all over again. And there’s also a happy ending.

Favourite Book to Film Adaptation

Good Omens, for sure. I read the book this year, and the TV series is wonderful, and I’m in heaven. It’s great (this might be because I love David Tennant). However, I’m also unreasonably excited to see the new His Dark Materials TV series come out on the BBC later this year (check out this article to see why).

Favourite Post You Have Done This Year

I think the post on Reading Pressure, because I actually researched it and people really engaged with it. It always makes me happy to see that people like reading my blog posts, so yes: let’s say that one!

Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year

Umm… the only books that I’ve bought this year have actually been Kindle books. That’s quite bad, isn’t it?

However, I do have an excellent new cookbook called The Little Library Year which is just absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous that I don’t actually use it, because I’m scared I will damage it.

What Books Do You Need To Read By The End of the Year?

Too many, is the answer. Stephanie Garber’s Finale, and also A Gathering of Shadows, the next VE Schwab book. I also really want to read some more mainstream fiction, and one book that’s been on my list for ages is Why We Get the Wrong Politicians. I think that one would definitely be an enlightening read!

That’s the freakout done. Phew!

What do you think? What have you enjoyed reading this year? Leave a comment below and let’s get chatting!


5 thoughts on “The Mid-Year Freakout Tag!

  1. I’m reading through VE Schwab right now, too! I’ve got The Near Witch on hold at the library.
    I was also meh on the Grisha series, but I love love loved the Six of Crows duology in the same world.

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