5 reasons I’m excited for the new Northern Lights adaption

I don’t know if you were ever a fan of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights series, but I have been ever since I picked the book up off one of my parents’ bookshelves back when I was a teenager (it’s not been too long since those days, I promise!). Immediately, I was hooked. After all, Harry Potter had ended, and now what was I going to obsess about? Philip Pullman’s books filled the void perfectly.

Now, the trailer for the new TV series has dropped and it looks AMAZING. Of course, I had to channel that hype into a sneaky little blog post. And here we go: why should you watch it?

*settles into chair and steeples fingers*


  1. James McAvoy. James McAvoy is in this!! Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The cast for this show is bloody epic, and I’m SO EXCITED to see them on the small screen as some of my favourite characters. By my reckoning, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the perfect person to play Lee Scorsby, the Texan aeronaut, and also… well, I just love James McAvoy, and Ruth Wilson (who plays Mrs Coulter) is perfect.
  2. Daemons. This might have been my favourite bit about the books. Who doesn’t want to know what their daemon would manifest as- or want an animal sidekick? Think of all the mischief you could get up to… it’s such a cool and unique concept, and I want to see what they’ve done with it.
  3. The plot. Witches! The far north! Massive armoured polar bears! Evil plans and air balloons! Anything is possible, and I promise you that reading the books is one hell of a ride. This is probably the reason I was most disappointed with the Golden Compass film: it was badly written, and glossed over so many parts of the books that I loved. This adaption, though, has been given a seal of approval by the author himself, so I’m VERY KEEN to see how it’s going to pan out…
  4. Iorek Byrnison. I don’t know, man. Something about seeing a massive armoured bear reclaim his rightful place as king of the panserbjorne and gallop around the north with Lyra makes me very excited.
  5. Something new. Look, I know that there are loads of great shows on television right now. Killing Eve and Fleabag are all well and good, but I am a fantasy reader, and the anticipation of seeing such an amazing series brought to life on the small screen is probably going to make me a bit of an obsessive for the next few months.
  6. But hey. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?

That’s my list! Are you all looking forward to seeing The Northern Lights when it comes out… sometime soon(ish)?


6 thoughts on “5 reasons I’m excited for the new Northern Lights adaption

  1. Aching to watch it! I was so disappointed with the Hollywood version even if my 6 year old likes watching it and it’s incredibly dated in CGI which makes it clunky to watch too. Besides after Luther I can’t imagine anyone more perfect to play Mrs Coulter than Ruth Wilson!!

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