Hello, bookworm friends!

Bookchat has been going on its merry way for some months now, so I thought it was time to make this baby official. It’s been amazing seeing the response from you all to my little project, and I’m really excited to see where #bookchat goes (and grows) over the next few months.

So far we’ve talked blogging platforms, reviews and reading habits. The next few chats are likely going to focus on:

6th May, 8pm: book blogging and mental health

3rd June, 8pm: book blogging and literary awards

(sidenote: there’s no chat for April, as I’ll be Down Under enjoying the sunshine and I’m not entirely sure that the timings will work out. Or that I won’t get it wrong and start the chat an hour too early or late.)


Next-level bookchat

I also wanted to take a temperature check on where we are right now. I want your feedback! If you have discussion topics, ideas about how to change up the format, or even want to host it one month (April or otherwise) I want to hear it!

What do you think about where #bookchat should go next?

See you all in May…

6 thoughts on “Bookchat

      1. onlineblanketfort

        Could keep them pretty broad… favourite books in genre, authors, great things about it, worst things about it… could talk for hours!

        Liked by 1 person

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