The February TBR: what’s ahead?

It’s the start of another month (one where I’m allowed to drink alcohol: hooray!) and so the start of another TBR list, where I’m trying to stick fast to my New Year’s Resolution to read more widely, and tackle more genres than before.

Fortunately, the biggest news to report for this month is that I’ve finally managed to replace my old Kindle. Hooray! Despite struggling on valiantly throughout January, I caved and bought a new one… so I can finally catch up on all the books that I’ve been promising Netgalley that I’ve been getting on with.

So: what’s on the list?

Fantastic February

This month is going to be the month of fantasy (I know, I know: when is it not?!). But seriously. This time I have a motive for reading all the fantasy books, and it’s Fantastic February, which is being run by Kathy at Books and Munches. I’ve picked a selection of books that I’ve really, really been meaning to read, and these are:

  • The House of Salt and Sorrow, by Erin A. Craig
  • Dark Forge, by Miles Cameron
  • The Raven’s Tale, by Cat Winters
  • The Wicked King, by Holly Black

Rather excitingly, I’ve already read Dark Forge, so that’s one book ticked off the list! But keep your eyes peeled for the rest…

What else am I reading?

The rest of my month is probably going to involve making my way through my rather extensive Netgalley list. (Help!) Does anybody else have a rather alarming habit of books making their way into the ‘Older than three months’ section?

Anyhow, here are the ones I’m especially looking forward to getting started on…


Enchantée, by Gita Trelease

This book looks glorious: decadent, magical and dark. A little bit like Caraval, but, I’m hoping, better. It follows the story of Camille, a Parisian girl who must fend for herself and her sister after her family dies, using magic to transform scraps of metal into coins. But soon she’s playing a more dangerous game, and is swept up into the glamorous life of the Court of Versailles- just before the Revolution…

I mean, come on. How can this not be good?


Wakenhyrst, by Michelle Paver

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness were a huge part of my childhood, so it stands to reason that I’m extremely excited to read Wakenhyrst. It’s being sold as a Gothic horror, set in the Suffolk fens and all about Edmund Stearne, the cold scholar, and his daughter Maud, who longs to break free from her father’s control. It’s got ghosts, it’s got history, it’s got a father-daughter struggle, and it’s got the formidable writing talent of Michelle Paver behind it… excellent.


Pachinko, by Min Jin Lee

This may be a slightly dated choice, but I picked it up a week or so ago and am extremely excited to get started (and not just because of the great reviews). It follows a Korean family in Japan over four generations, through famine, war and the partition of Korea, and is probably going to be a tear-jerker, as well as an eye opener. I know almost nothing about the history of Korea, so this is going to be fascinating.

Something to tell

Something to Tell You, by Lucy Diamond

I love a good romance, especially to break up the fantasy, and this promises to be just that. It combines family history with a good dollop of chemistry, as the Mortimer family falls in love and discovers just what secrets they’ve been keeping about each other, and from each other. I’m expecting this to be a light, witty summer read (perfect for winter): bring it on.

So, that’s my list.

What are you reading this month- and what are you looking forward most to reading? Drop a comment below, and let’s compare notes!

10 thoughts on “The February TBR: what’s ahead?

  1. Dellybird

    New Kindle yay! Which did you go for? Lots of great books there! I am looking forward to reading The Wicked King, Enchantee & House of Salt & Sorrows. Excitingly I have a copy of Once & Future, which will be my next read!


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