Top posts I’ve enjoyed this January

It’s the end of the first month of 2019! And it’s gone so quickly, not least because of the excellent blog posts that you guys have been publishing in the past thirty days. There have been New Year’s Resolutions, posts about what people are looking forward to reading during the month and even a few challenges…

Here are the ones I enjoyed the most!

If you’re looking for some reading inspiration for 2019, then this post from Jenniely– and Connie– should be right up your street!

Jan Newbie Blogger.PNG

If you want to chew on something interesting and thought-provoking, then you should definitely read this piece from Kelly at Paperback Adventures is a must-read!

Jan audiobooks.PNG

Need some bookshelf inspiration? Bloggerbooks’ bookshelf tour should be a go-to!

Jan bookshelf.PNG

Want to find out how bloggers balance their life and blogging? (Something I need to master myself!) The Quiet Pond’s collab with eight other bloggers is fascinating, and something you definitely need to take a look at!

jan pond

If you want a fresh perspective on the hotly-discussed ARC/blogger debate, then I fully recommend this blog post by The Blunt Books Blog.

Jan thoughts.PNG

Where would a round-up be without a round-up itself? And I particularly enjoyed this post from The Quill to Live about excellent female protagonists. The list is amazing, and I’m in love with the pictures as well!

jan female

Where do you stand on book blurbs? This was a great, funny read from Thoughts Stained With Ink– and I thoroughly recommend it!

jan ink


That’s my list! What do you think? What posts, and bloggers, have you enjoyed reading more about this month? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Top posts I’ve enjoyed this January

  1. Wow, thank you *so* much for that share, you are way too kind! I’m definitely going to go through and creep on all the other clicks you posted, they all sound ridiculously interesting! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the discussion!

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