A Bookchat Update

12 Days of Blogmas! (1)

Hello fellow bloggers!

In the past few months, I have learned a LOT about Twitter chats and about how they work.

  1. Supportive bloggers make the world go round (you rock!)
  2. It’s super hard keeping the hype going every week!

Admittedly, number two is my fault. The Christmas season is one of those manic times when sacred Monday time is actually taken up with stuff like going to Christmas dinners and panic-shopping on Oxford Circus (something I’d never recommend).

The upshot, however, is this.

I love doing #bookchat. It’s great fun, and it lets me meet so many new bloggers that I can chat books with! However, doing it once a week is going to be hard going, especially thinking of exciting and interesting new topics to talk about.

Instead, I propose this: a once-a-month chat on Mondays at 9pm, starting on 7th January 2019, where we can continue to talk about book blogging to our hearts’ content.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments- and if you have any great themes for upcoming weeks, drop me a line! I’m always looking for things that other people want to chat about- and I want to hear what you have to say.

Until then, happy blogmas…



9 thoughts on “A Bookchat Update

  1. Hello Vicky,
    I’m sorry I only got involved with the first #bookchat. A relative then had a medical emergency which I’ve been away helping with, and just couldn’t make the 9pm slots. But I’d certainly try to get involved in the New Year. I’d be happy to think up some Q’s for a week’s topic if that would help?
    I review in the indie/self-published sector for much of my reading, and have links to quite a mix of genres. Let me know and we can have a chat. Perhaps Dm me on twitter.

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    1. Vicky

      Ah amazing! No problems- I totally get that everybody is busy and can’t make it to all the chats, so thank you so much for coming to the first one! And yes, some Twitter ideas would be very much appreciated; I’ll send you a message 🙂


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