Twelve Days of Blogmas, Day 5: Emma @ Emma R

12 Days of Blogmas! (1)

Time ticks on… we’re nearly halfway through the twelve days of Blogmas and today we have a piece from book blogger (and a little bit of everything blogger) Emma!


Hi, I’m Emma and my blog is at I’m a 35 year young Mum of two children, aged 5 and 1 – they keep me on my toes, and then some! I am an aspiring writer, and I’m currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing, which I am absolutely loving!

My blog is predominantly a book blog, but I also publish my own short stories and poems on there, as well as writing about pretty much anything that I may want to talk about. A series I had started and I’m planning to get back to very shortly is all about my battle with postnatal depression after the birth of my son. So, it’s a bit of a mixed bag – but it’s my mixed bag, and I’m very proud of my little corner of the blogging world! Reading and writing has always been an escape for me. That is really what keeps me blogging, that I love doing it and it is pure escapism.

What’s your favourite thing about being a blogger?

Meeting people you wouldn’t ordinarily have met, and just having the opportunity to read so many wonderful books that I would never have come across otherwise. It’s just a whole new world. I’ve been chatting to tons of people, other book bloggers and other writers. It’s a lovely community and personally, I have found there to be so much support out there.


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Family fun – watching the kids get excited is the best feeling, copious amounts of food and drink (and the rumour is it’s all calorie free on Christmas Day) and lots of great TV to watch when it’s all cold and dark outside!

What would your ideal Christmas present be?

The gift of time. Failing that I’d like Michelle Obama’s memoirs, a new Kindle and I’m in the market for new scarves!

Do you have any New Years’ Resolutions for your blog over the next year?

Just to keep going with it. I have to be realistic with how much I can post whilst I’m at uni, but I try to post a couple of times a week. I’m just excited to see where everything will lead!

What’s your advice for people wanting to start blogging?

Never compare yourself to anyone else.

Be yourself and blog about what you love, never blog about what you think you should blog about, it’s the quickest way to lose your way and get bored.

Don’t fret about the stats, plug away and they will improve! I’m still very much in the ‘improvement’ stage, and I certainly haven’t seen runaway success, but I hope what I am putting out is honest, good quality content. I have faith that it will be recognised and further built on in time.

What’s your favourite Christmassy book?

I’ve never really read a Christmas themed book at Christmas! I seem to receive them for gifts at Christmas and then end up reading them on a deck chair on a sunny weekend in August. This year however, I read Watch For Me At Christmas by Kirsty Ferry. It’s a lovely little novella, and straight after finishing I dove into gift wrapping – I felt so festive and full of good cheer! I’ll definitely make more of an effort to read more Christmas books at the right time of year in future!

One book you think everybody should read?

In all honesty, I don’t think there is one. Everyone is so different and has their own opinion and tastes, and whilst I’m happy to recommend books, you only need to look at reviews to see how wildly opinions on a book (or anything in life!) can differ. My go-to authors are Jodi Picoult and Lesley Pearse and I would always recommend their work – but I can think of several people just off the top of my head who are indifferent to them – it’s each to their own!

What author would you have around for Christmas dinner and why?

Mary Berry (she has cookbooks, I’m classing her as an author for my own ends!). I’m a passable cook at best, so she’d ensure we were superbly well fed! Whilst Mary is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, I’d chat to Jodi Picoult – she absolutely fascinates me and I would love to speak to her on a 1:1 basis!

Thanks Emma!

Catch up with Emma on Twitter! 

emma r

And check back here for more Blogmas excitement tomorrow!


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