Posts I’ve really enjoyed this month

Hello, bloggers!

It is again the end of the month (how did that happen?!) and time to take stock. Quite apart from measuring my hit count or visitor stats- which can get a little boring at times- I thought I’d include a little count of the blog posts that really hooked me this month, because half of blogging- as I’ve found out- is appreciating other people within the same space, as well as putting your own stuff out there. Cribbed from all around the Internet, they’re a collection of posts I enjoyed- so I hope you do too!

Happy reading…

For insights into the world of blogging and how look after yourself… via Savannah at  The Book Prophet

For people who just cannot finish that book, sometimes… via Alyssa Grace at Serendipitous Reads (whose posts I am generally just obsessed with. Go have a look at the site, it’s great!)


For people who really want some exciting fantasy to read this month… via Kaya at A Fictional Bookworm (a fellow Whovian, yay!)

stepThis Sims Book Tag, because I just really enjoyed it and it also appealed to my five-year obsession with Sims I had in high school- via Rachael at Beach Bookworm.

book tag

This review, because I love this book so much and am invested in pretty much anything anybody says about it (this is a good review, I like)- via Lauren at A Storm of Pages


For the love of book bloggers everywhere! I would recommend reading all of these, they’re super interesting and really fun (thanks to Laura from LF Books)


For people who are new to blogging, this is a great insight into starting life as a blogger- via Jenniely and also Ell at Hatterel



This is just a small selection, to be honest, but I hope you enjoy and spread the good blogging word! What did you enjoy reading this month? Any inspiring blog posts? Leave them below 🙂

Until next time…




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