For Bookworms

The top eight podcasts for book lovers

Having enough time to read all the books I want to is a daily (and real) struggle for me. On the commute, Sometimes, when you’re on the go, holding a book to your face just isn’t practical enough (more’s the pity). When disaster strikes, having all of your favourite reads condensed into several hours of audio fun could be what you need instead; I discovered the word of podcasts a few months ago and it’s been mindblowing. With literary enthusiasts and publishing experts talking over everything from the inspiration behind Disney’s fairytales to the latest developments in publishing, here are the top literary podcasts that you need in your life.

Mugglecast: For all the Potterheads out there (and there are many, me included), Mugglecast is your base for all things magic. It’s the most-listened to Harry Potter podcast online, with good reason: this is where you go for fan theories and discussions that cover everything from Fanfiction to interviews with members of the Potter cast- going into depths with things you hadn’t given much thought to before. There’s a website, too: take a look and fall back in love with Harry Potter once more…

Inside the New York times book review: Inside the New York Times Book Review: Part of the New York Times newspaper, the Book Review does what it says on the tin: it gathers together the greats of the literary world for all things literature. This is where you come to hear from the authors and critics themselves, whether they’re talking writing techniques, reviewing the latest novels, or reading out sections of other authors’ work (for more of that, see The New Yorker: Fiction). Though it’s more of a highbrow look at the world of writing, it’s also extremely interesting!

Drunk booksellers: This is the place to come for industry insights, and if you’re a person who loves to go into bookstores just to page over the books and read them without buying any (guilty). Listen to the hosts, professional booksellers Kim and Emma, get casually drunk and interview other booksellers about the world of books, and a life on the road. With their own website, and a live tour, it’s worth checking out if you fancy a career in books.

Smart bitches, trashy books: Do you like your books with a healthy helping of sass? Then this podcast is for you! Focussing exclusively on romance novels, this is a chance for the lively community of romance readers and authors to get together to discuss which novels rocked their world and, bluntly, which ones need improving. Funny, interesting and an excellent source of recommendations for your next choc lit read, check out their original, and very useful, website- from which the podcast eventually grew.

Books on the Nightstand: though it’s now finished, the back catalogue of Books on the Nightstand will keep you occupied for the next few months- as well as increase your reading list by a hundred. With insights into the world of publishing, bookshops and the latest releases, Books by the Nightstand is presented by two employees of Penguin Random House, it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about!

Bookrageous: This is basically a conversation between book-obsessed friends…who happen to have a lot of industry insight. This is one to read if you love reading and like to share that love with other people! The hosts, a mixture of reviewers, booksellers and authors, are passionate readers who analyse the latest books and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, as well as industry points (for instance, racism in literature). It’s a fun mix of serious and silly: well worth a listen!

Meet the author: If you fancy a slightly different take on the publishing industry, what about hearing from the authors themselves? Run by iBooks and the Apple Store, tune into this podcast to hear everybody from Neil Gaiman to Brian Blessed talk about their latest works, and all things writing.

The Readers: When a podcast describes itself as the home of ‘book-based banter’ then you know you’re in for a good time. Run by a trio of booklovers- and bloggers- who get together every week to discuss the books they’ve read, and what they’re doing with their lives, this is a light-hearted look at publishing from the readers perspective that is not only an easy listen, but will give you a whole host of books to add to your to-be-read pile.


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